Result Obtaining Interface Response

HTTP Response:

Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

The result is in JSON format, please refer to the following example.

  • HTTP response

Description of returning json field:

Field name Type Description
errorCode Number Error code: 0 means success
errorMessage String Error message
code Number status code:0:successful,1:failed,2:checking,3:taskId Invalid
taskId String TaskId when requested
result Number 0:pass,1:suggested review,2:sensitive
audioSpams json数组 result info
language String language detect


Field name Type Description
startTime Number The start time of the hit audio segment, in seconds
endTime Number The end time of the hit audio segment, in seconds
text String text for audio
vpr Boolean vpr hit
score double vpr score
tags json array Classified information


Field name Type Description
tag Number Classified information:
100: politics, 110: violence, 120: prohibited, 130: eroticism, 150: advertisement, 160: insults,
170: Hate speech, 180: Minor protection, 190: sensitive hot spots,
220:private transaction, 510:minority languages, 900: other, 999: customization
tagName String Detect first-level type names
tagNameEn String Detect first-level type names (English)
level json object Classification level, 0: normal, 1: suspected, 2: abnormal
subTags json array details


Field name Type Description
subTag Number Secondary classification information reference Classification Code
subTagName String Detect secondary type names
subTagNameEn String Detect secondary type names (English)
wordList array of strings hit details
  • Example of response:

    JSON response

                  "errorCode": 0,
                  "code": 0,
                  "result": 2,
                  "taskId": "nx_10e04ba8-367d-462e-b7a0-437a12acbba1_1616666938669",
                  "audioSpams": [{
                      "text": "fuck you",
                      "tags": [{
                          "tag": 100,
                          "level": 2,
                          "subTags": [{
                              "subTag": 130001,
                              "wordList": [

Error code:

Http Status code Error code Error message
200 0 This field is omitted
405 1004 Method Not Allowed
411 1007 Not Content Length
400 1002 API Not Found
400 1003 Bad Request
401 1102 Unauthorized Client
401 1106 Missing Access Token
401 1107 Invalid Token
401 1108 Expired Token
401 1110 Invalid Client
200 1200 Downloads failed or base64 value invalid
401 2000 Missing Parameter
401 2001 Invalid Parameter