HTTP Response

HTTP response:

Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

The result is in JSON format, please refer to the following example.

  • Example of HTTP response:

Description of returning json field:

Field name Type Description
errorCode Number Error code: 0 means success
errorMessage String Error message
textSpam json object Resut message
warning Boolean Customize the alarm information of advertising words, and configure it when adding a blacklist on the console
taskId String Unique identifier to distinguish different calls
startTime Number Timestamp, representing the detection text call time
endTime Number Timestamp, representing the return time of the detected text result


Field name Type Description
content String After the detection is complete, sensitive words will change to asterisks if they contain sensitive words, and other content will be returned normally.
result Number 0: Pass, 1: Recommended for review, 2: Fail
tages json array Classified information
wordList json array List of sensitive words


Field name Type Description
tag Number Classified information:
100: politics, 110: violence, 120: prohibited, 130: eroticism, 150: advertisement, 160: insults, 170: Hate speech, 180: Minor protection, 190: sensitive hot spots,410:Irregular Emoticons, 420:Nickname,300:advertising law,220:private transaction,900: other, 999: customization
tagName String Detect first-level type names for text hits
tagNameEn String Detect first-level type names for text hits(English)
level Number Classification level,0:Normal,1:Suspected,2:Abnormal
confidence Number confidence,between 0 and 100,oney when tag=150,confidence is not null; The higher the value, the more likely to be an advertisement
subTags json object Secondary classification of sensitive information


Field name Type Describe
subTag Number Secondary classification information reference Classification Code
subTagName String Detect secondary type names for text hits
subTagNameEn String Detect secondary type names for text hits(English)
wordList array of strings hit details
  • Response example :

    JSON response

         "errorCode": 0,
         "textSpam": {
             "content": "****",
             "result": 2,
             "tags": [
                     "tag": 160,
                     "level": 2,
                     "tagName": "辱骂",
                     "tagNameEn": "insults",
                     "subTags": [
                             "subTag": 160001,
                             "subTagName": "谩骂人身攻击",
                             "subTagNameEn": "insults and personal attacks",
                             "wordList": [
             "wordList": [
          "taskId": "c01b212f-3e31-4a2e-8346-b6f6ce3a3456",
          "startTime": 1660103900367,
          "endTime": 1660103900374


HTTP Status Code Error code Error message Cause of error
200 0 This field will be ommitted
429 1104 Out of Rate Limit Frequency of requests exceeds the limit
405 1004 Method Not Allowed The http request method can only be get or post. If it is post, header must have content-type,and its value should be application/x-www-form-urlencoded
400 1002 API Not Found The corresponding API was not found according to the path of the http request.
400 1003 Bad Request Parsing request failed
400 2000 Missing Parameter Missing parameters content
400 2102 Input Too Long The length of the parameter content exceeds the limit.
401 1102 Unauthorized Client Parameter appId invalid
401 1106 Missing Access Token Missing Authorization
401 1107 Invalid Token Incorrect Authorization
401 1108 Expired Token Expired timeStamp
401 2000 Missing Parameter Missing timeStamp
401 2001 Invalid Parameter TimeStamp format error