Do I need to create a company to use the service?

Yes, in order to provide better services to corporate customers and to provide data statistics from the corporate dimension. After you register an account, you need to create a company and then create a project to use Curvature Cloud services normally.

How do the roles and permissions of accounts correspond?

We set three levels of permissions, which are divided into enterprise level, subsidiary (or project team) level, and project level; the corresponding roles are enterprise administrator, sub-administrator, and project administrator.

Role Permission level Detailed description
Enterprise administrator Enterprise level Has full authority over the enterprise and can manage subsidiaries. This role is used by default when creating a corporate account
Sub-administrator Subsidiary level Has full authority of the subsidiary
Subsidiary inspector Subsidiary level Can view project statistics, but cannot modify project configuration
Project administrator Project level Can manage affiliated projects
Developer/Product Operations Project level Can view project statistics and modify project configuration, but cannot create projects
Data Analyst Project level Can view project statistics
Financial personnel Enterprise level Can view project statistics and billing information

Why is the data seen on the [Console] inconsistent with the reconciliation data sent by the business?

There are several reasons:

1.The reconciliation data sent by Cloud Business is billed according to UTC time; the data displayed on the console is based on the custom time zone;

2.The data displayed on the console is a statistical caliber, that is, one request is 1; the reconciliation data is a billing caliber, and one request may be counted as N. For example, a moving picture will intercept 5 frames.