1. Quick response and stable service

Global deployment of services, millisecond-level response, more than 10,000-level concurrency per second, and dynamic capacity expansion, so you don’t need to worry about performance loss.

2.Easy access

There is no need to install the SDK, it can be used directly through the API, and it can be easily accessed and used in just three steps.

3.Massive data accumulation, multi-variant support

Based on years of experience in the industry, we have accumulated a huge database of keywords. At the same time, machine learning model and natural language processing technology are used to enable the system to have super anti-interference noise filtering ability and interference means restoration ability. Class variants also have good detection results.

4.Multi-language and multi-strategy support at home and abroad

Support Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian, Hindi, Tagalog, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, German, French, Italian , Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Norwegian, Dutch 24 standard languages; domestic Cantonese, Hokkien, Chaoshan, Sichuan-Chongqing, Hakka and other local dialects, as well as Arabic Egypt, Sand Detection and identification of 5 native dialects of Mu, North Africa, Gulf and Sudan.

According to the policy requirements, basic national conditions, and folk customs of different countries and regions, audit strategies with different degrees of tightness are implemented for different sensitive types. Current support includes audit strategies for the following 29 countries:

Country Country Code(ISO-3166-1)
China CN
Russia RU
India IN
Thailand TH
Vietnam VN
Philippines PH
Malaysia MY
Indonesia ID
Japan JP
Korea KR
France FR
Germany DE
Spain ES
Portugal PT
Brazil BR
Italy IT
Arab SA
Turkey TR
Greece GR
Sweden SE
Netherlands NL
Belgium BE
Poland PL
Norway NO
South Africa ZA
Suriname SR
Netherlands Antilles AN

5. Sensitive content is handled automatically

For the hit official sensitive content, the system will directly change to “**”, reducing the secondary processing cost of the business.