Customized Translation

Customized Translation Service

Customized Translation Service applys to customers who want the product-specific terms to be translated as self-defined results in Machine Translation. Customized phrases should be provided by customers, Livedata Translate will implement bidirectional translation customization, for example, if “Bronze Credit Voucher” is customized as “青铜级信用券”, then it will take effect in both English-Chinese & Chinese-English directions. We recommend you enabling Customized Translation Service if product-specific terms are used in your products.


  1. Generally, customized phrases should be product names or product-specific terms. Examples:

    Livedata Translate -> Livedata 翻译
    Nether War -> 虚空战场
    Fallen Altar -> 堕落祭坛
    fighter set -> 战士套装
    Bronze Credit Voucher -> 青铜级信用券
    Punisher Armor Plugin -> 惩戒者装甲插件
    Luminous Emblems Bundle -> 流光印记礼包
  2. Common words or not rarely-used single Chinese character are not recommended as customized phrases according to its potential negative effects in common text translation. Examples:

    You -> 尤  ("you" is a common English pronoun)
    He -> 何  ("he" is a common English pronoun)
    Will -> 威尔  ("will" is a common English modal verb)
    US -> 美国  ("us" is a common English pronoun)
    Can -> 灿  ("can" is a common English modal verb)
    平安 -> Pyongan  ("平安" is a common Chinese word)
    钱 -> Qian  ("钱" is a not rarely-used single Chinese character)
    禄 -> Lu  ("禄" is a not rarely-used single Chinese character)
  3. When a phrase is customized to multiple translations, the former translation will take effect. Examples:

    Wreckage -> 船体残片 (This translation will take effect)
    Wreckage -> 舰船残骸
  4. Punctuation used before or after customized phrases is not recommended. Examples:

    [A Damsel in Distress] -> [营救货船] 
    is recommanded below: 
    A Damsel in Distress -> 营救货船
    Artillery for NEF Frigates! -> 新欧护卫级舰防炮! 
    is recommanded below: 
    Artillery for NEF Frigates -> 新欧护卫级舰防炮
  5. Please do not use question marks/periods/exclamation marks in customized phrases.

  6. Please do not use the system special characters ( | and \ ) in customized phrases.