Product Description

1.What is audiocheck?

Audiocheck is based on a powerful audio training library. Through voice recognition, voiceprint recognition, text anti-spam engine and other technologies, it can detect and identify pornographic, violent, political-related and other illegal audio in the audio, and help you deal with platform compliance more efficiently. The problem is to purify cyberspace.

2.Audiocheck function introduction

Audiocheck currently supports violation detection of the following four categories of audio:

  • Porn audio:Pornographic voices, breathlessness, love, etc.
  • Political audio:Political figures, political incidents, terrorist incidents, etc.
  • Advertising audio: commercial promotion, WeChat merchants, games to pull people, etc.
  • Violation audio: abuse, slander, etc.

3.The process of using service

1.Register an account(

2.Create a company (after filling in the company name, contact person and other information, wait for review)

3.Create a project under the console “audiocheck” service (fill in the project name, project description, etc.).

4.Application scenes

4.1In-game voice

Review the real-time voice and offline voice chat of players in the game to avoid the dissemination of illegal content and block the game’s pull ads.

4.2Social APP

Detect and review voice chats on social apps, effectively crack down on illegal content such as “one night stand” and pornographic transactions,ensure platform security and compliance.

4.3Live broadcast platform

Real-time monitoring of live audio, to ensure that the audio content in the live room is legal and compliant, and to purify the live environment while avoiding the risk of violations for the live broadcast platform.

4.4Online education platform

Audit the audio teaching plans, handouts, live lectures, etc., and automate the audit, which greatly improves the efficiency compared to manual audit.