1.What is image moderation

Based on massive sample image data, the image review system detects and identifies illegal contents in various scenes, such as pornography, politics, violence, prohibited and advertising, through in-depth image recognition technologies such as face recognition, OCR recognition and QR code detection to purify the online environment.


We currently support five categories of image review: politics, pornography, violence, prohibited and advertising. The specifics of each category of issues include:

Review Category Classification Detail
Politics Includes politically involved characters, politically involved flags, spoof cartoons, reactionary characters, politically involved scenes, etc.
Pornography Includes sexy and vulgar images, child porn, cartoon porn, and adult porn with specific categories.
Sexy Includes sexy vulgar, cartoon sexy, identification of specific sensitive information including kissing, tongue sticking, excessive skin exposure.
Violence Includes terrorist characters, terrorist scenes, terrorist symbols, terrorist flags, etc.
Prohibited Includes currency, official clothing, drugs, gambling, religious images, skeletons, uncivilized behavior, etc.
Values Includes smoking, drinking, middle finger, tattoo, etc.
Minor protection Includes infants, children, teenagers’ faces, emoticons, soft porn, etc.
Advertising QR codes, pornographic ads, promotional ads, and ads of other games, etc.

3.Service use process

1.Click “Register now” to register LiveData(

2.Create a company (fill in the company name, contact person and other information, wait for review)

3.Create a project in the console under “Image Review” service (fill in project name, project description, etc.)

4.Application Scenes

4.1Interactive chat

In interactive chat scenes, there are a lot of pictures, emotions and GIF animations being transmitted. The image review system can detect the content of pictures in real time to prevent the transmission of spam, and purify the chatting environment.

4.2Profile picture

The image review system can be widely used in avatar detection and photo album detection to identify common problematic content such as pornography, violence, and advertising.

4.3User community

There are a large number of user-uploaded images, animated GIFs, emojis and other content in the user community, our image review system can help review illegal and prohibited content to maintain a good community environment.

4.4E-Commerce shopping

There is a huge amount of product pictures and short videos in the e-commerce shopping platform, which can easily hide pornography, advertisements and bad scene information. Our image review system can help the e-commerce platform review illegal content and ensure the platform user experience.

4.5Live interaction

In the live broadcast scene, the anchor’s clothes and actions may contain soft pornography, inappropriate remarks on the barrage, and the image moderation can be captured through frame capture, real-time monitoring, and timely review of illegal and prohibited behaviors to prevent bad live broadcasts and maintain a healthy and good live broadcast environment.