Billing Instructions

Fee description

The image review of livedata is calculated in units of 10,000 images. The specific billing rules are as follows:

If you use less than 10,000 copies per month, you don’t need to pay Cloud Curvature. If your monthly usage is 19,000 sheets, you only need to pay 10,000 sheets to the cloud curvature.

Fee composition

Image moderation is billed according to the actual detection category and call volume. The specific functions are as follows:

Function Remark
Politics Includes politically involved characters, politically involved flags, spoof cartoons, reactionary characters, politically involved scenes, etc.
Pornography Includes sexy and vulgar images, child porn, cartoon porn, and adult porn with specific categories.
Sexy Includes sexy vulgar, cartoon sexy, identification of specific sensitive information including kissing, tongue sticking, excessive skin exposure.
Violence Includes terrorist characters, terrorist scenes, terrorist symbols, terrorist flags, etc.
Prohibited Includes currency, official clothing, drugs, gambling, religious images, skeletons, uncivilized behavior, etc.
Values Includes smoking, drinking, middle finger, tattoo, etc.
Minor protection Includes infants, children, teenagers’ faces, emoticons, soft porn, etc.
Advertising QR codes, pornographic ads, promotional ads, and ads of other games, etc.
Notice Different types of pictures are calculated as follows:
  • For ordinary pictures (the aspect ratio is less than 5, and it is not a moving picture), calculate 1 picture
  • For long images (the aspect ratio is greater than 5), the curvature on the cloud will be automatically detected by frame clipping. The screenshot method is based on the aspect ratio of 3:1, the overlap is 20%, and a maximum of 10 pictures are cut for detection.
  • For gif animations: the curvature on the cloud will be automatically cut and detected, and the maximum number is no more than 5
  • Curvature on the cloud will be billed as an additional value-added service for custom categories that customers need to expand.