Product Advantages

1.Massive data accumulation, strong scene applicability

With years of experience in domestic and oversea product operations and accumulation of massive image data under real scenes;in addition to conventional pictures, minors, QR codes, OCR recognition and other scenes, it has excellent performance, picture-in-picture, mosaic , avatar thumbnail, angle offset, edge exposure of sensitive parts, multiple skin tones, advertising methods and other complex scenes also have the ability to accurately identify.

2.Multi-model system and high accuracy of violation recognition

Combines EAST, CRNN, efficient-net, Resnet, and other models, avoiding accidental mistakes and omissions of single-model, with high accuracy of violation identification.

3.Multi-language OCR, multi-strategy coordination

It supports the recognition of Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hindi and other multilingual characters in pictures. In line with the policy requirements of various countries and regions, a variety of strategies can be configured to accurately implement the most suitable review strategy.

4. Real-time tracking of violations and rapid product iteration

Real-time tracking of violations, updates incremental models hourly, and rapidly upgrades product iteration. Equipped with a professional operation strategy team, we are capable of providing high-quality and stable services.

5.Easy access

You don’t need to install SDK as it can be used directly through API. It can be accessed in three easy steps.