Account Registration

1 Register and log in

Step 1: Please enter and click the 【Login】 (Try Free) button at the top right of the page.

Step 2: If you have registered an account, please fill in your email, password, and log in directly after the verification code. If you have not registered an account, please register first.

Account registration process

Step 3: Please follow the tips on the page to fill in the email, password, confirm the password,phone number and verification code, and then click the [Sign Up] button after filling in.

Step 4: After your registration is completed, you will receive an activation email, please go to your mailbox to activate (due to different email settings, sometimes the activation email may be treated as spam)

Step 5:After you activate your email, you can log in. Before you start using the service, you need to create a company or join a company recommended for you (according to your registered email , we will recommend the corresponding company for you)